Built a foundation for outstanding Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Facilitating the clinical implementation of evidence-based Precision Medicine

We created the structure for a Prenatal Genetic Counseling Clinic; designing the Clinic and its services, devising protocols, training professional staff and overseeing procedures. By creating a strong infrastructure and through on-going advisory services, Cabanillas Precision Consulting supports the Clinic’s genetic counselors and patient-facing staff to make next generation sequencing and multiplatform molecular information part of regular patient care.

The success of this Prenatal Genetic Counseling Clinic draws on our long history with a Familial Genetic Counseling Clinic and strong sense of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary coordination. With extensive first-hand experience providing genetic counseling that leads to therapeutic or preventative interventions, Dr. Cabanillas understands how to channel Precision Medicine technologies to create improved health outcomes.

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