Our Results

Our Results

We have been using Precision Medicine to improve healthcare since 2007

These cases are just the beginning.
As technologies evolve, so do the possibilities.

Democratizing bioinformatics

Accessible and efficient bioinformatic solutions are key for Precision Medicine


Supporting global public health

In the face of the spread of COVID19 we have been supporting institutions worldwide


Fueling microbiome-based testing and interventions

A pragmatic, progressive approach to the potential of consumer metagenomics


Built a foundation for outstanding Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Facilitating the clinical implementation of evidence-based Precision Medicine


Integrated disparate data, delivering actionable results in >50% of cases

Multiplatform molecular tools improve cancer diagnostics, prevention and care


Developed clinically-actionable gene panels for hearing loss and blindness

Notable proportion of actionable results from high diagnostic yield genomic testing


Created a customized, comprehensive genomic profiling platform

An advanced genomic tool for precise cancer diagnoses and individually-tailored treatment


Pioneered using Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) in clinical practice

Applying successes with WES in research to clinical settings


Trailblazing research with Whole Exome Sequencing

Early adoption of WES for characterizing human genetic diseases


Set a gold standard for technically challenging molecular assays

The vision behind establishing a national reference for PMS2 sequencing


Inaugurated impactful Familial Genetic Counseling Clinic

Multidisciplinary patient management integrating molecular testing into routine care

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