Democratizing bioinformatics

Accessible and efficient bioinformatic solutions are key for Precision Medicine

Data and technology are leading a paradigm shift in medicine, with an unprecedented level of “-omics” information that can be obtained from a single patient. Clinical biomarkers can now be extracted from genomic, transcriptomic, epigenetic and metagenomic data. All this information, in combination with environmental and lifestyle factors, holds the key for a true personalized medicine. But all these moving parts await coordination.

With the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, data acquisition has transitioned from a limitation to an overwhelm. The bottleneck in the race towards personalized healthcare is now data processing and interpretation.

Cabanillas Precision Consulting has always advocated for technology and innovation and we know the important role bioinformatics plays in this grand scheme. Bioinformatics is in an emergent state, daunting and complex, only manageable for those who are highly trained and experienced, but out of reach for those who need it the most, like researchers and clinicians. 

We are defining hurdles to bioinformatic implementation and advising paradigm-shifting companies on how to overcome them. For example, BatchX, a computational cloud platform committed to democratizing bioinformatics, has been able to remove many of the complexities surrounding bioinformatics analyses and data management. Cabanillas Precision Consulting and BatchX are focusing on providing results that can be easily interpreted and immediately applied in a medical context. We are  committed to breaking down barriers to the application of “-omic” information worldwide, in both research and clinical settings.

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