Our Approach

Tell us your challenges.
We’ll figure out how to solve them with Precision Medicine

Drawing on years of experience and an innate understanding of the connectivity of departments within medical and research institutions, Cabanillas Precision Consulting offers one-of-a-kind consulting:

Your existing initiatives are the driving
force behind embracing
Precision Medicine
  • Inspire your professionals to be part of the Precision Medicine initiative
  • Translate Precision Medicine programs from paradigmatic reference institutions letting you imagine your own customized model
  • Develop and implement individualized procedures and pipelines including:
    • Sequencing, bioinformatic analysis, data interpretation, reporting, storage
    • Ordering tests, acquiring consent, capturing phenotypes, returning secondary findings
    • Data sharing, integrating genomic test results into electronic medical records
    • Personalizing existing commercial tools so they can solve your clinicians’ unmet needs
  • Optimize the efficiency of all related processes (enabling standardization and automation)
  • Help clinicians and researchers navigate the frontiers of clinical genomics
Our step-wise approach lets you define priorities based on your institutional goals
Conquer your challenges

Implementing any new procedures or developing new services always brings new challenges.

Cabanillas Precision Consulting helps by providing a framework for overcomings barriers that may restrict the Precision Medicine ecosystem in your institution.

The key to your success is in the effectiveness of the procedures and the expertise of your staff
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