Make your institution a leader

Technological advancements around genetics and next-generation DNA sequencing methods mean that Precision Medicine can positively impact your organization by:

  • Contributing to the wellbeing of your patients
  • Motivating your practitioners
  • Promoting trust from clients and the community
  • Positioning your institutional brand as a leader
  • Improving the cost-effectiveness of procedures
  • Increasing the possibilities of acquiring grants
  • Enabling the development and commercialization of tools that support current unmet needs
Innovation everywhere

Cabanillas Precision Consulting looks beyond the limits of genomics to deliver Precision Medicine tools precisely where they’re needed.

From wearables and biosensors to imaging and 3D printing, we draw inspiration and solutions from multidisciplinary fields to solve real life problems.

 The potential to profoundly improve
patient care and the practice of medicine
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