Integrated disparate data, delivering actionable results in >50% of cases

Multiplatform molecular tools improve cancer diagnostics, prevention and care

Bringing together germline DNA, tissue biopsy (tumor DNA) and liquid biopsy (circulating tumor DNA) with imaging and clinical data, a translational research study led by Dr. Cabanillas identified clinically relevant, actionable results in more than 50% of cases.

Research shows that integrating tissue- and liquid-based comprehensive genomic profiling with other clinical and molecular data has tremendous advantages for personalized cancer management. These include facilitating targeted therapies, better adapting standard-of-care treatments, improving follow-ups, preventing second primary tumors, conducting familial genetic counseling and more.

Overcoming the challenges with interpretation that can accompany combining sources of molecular and clinical information requires time and expertise. Dr. Cabanillas has the necessary perspective and experience to deal with these n-of-one situations, as well as the interdisciplinary understanding to help public and private institutions adopt molecular tools in routine patient care.

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