Fueling microbiome-based testing and interventions

A pragmatic, progressive approach to the potential of consumer metagenomics

Cutting-edge research into gut microbiota could be the key to fostering overall improved health and decreasing susceptibility to disease by altering individual human microbiomes—but there’s a fine line between hope and hype. We help organizations navigate the frontiers of metagenomics, looking to the future while remaining grounded in reality.

By taking into account the full contingent of genetic material that makes up a healthy person (including non-human DNA like bacteria and viruses), metagenomics seeks to understand the interaction between microbiomes and their human hosts. Dr. Cabanillas designed translational metagenomic research projects to identify the reference microbiome of a specific population. Establishing a bionomic ‘norm’ leads to myriad testing and treatment possibilities, including creating metagenomic sequencing sets, establishing analysis protocols, inferring clinical consequences and growing the potential of microbiome-based health services.

Dr. Cabanillas has already provided guidance for the development of microbiome-based diagnostic tests to inform personalized nutrition and life-style interventions. With help from Cabanillas Precision Consulting to address their unique goals, companies are able to gain trustworthy reputations in the field of consumer metagenomics, while staying far back from any untested technologies or overestimated claims.

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